Power, Please - Home and backup generators span many sizes

Power, Please - Home and backup generators span many sizes
Power, Please - Home and backup generators span many sizes

Electricity is like air: You never think about it until you need it, then it’s crucial. People need to breathe…or at least plug in their appliances. Hence, generators.

Available power levels span the range from small portable units ideal for camping or lighting for an event, mid-range portable units that can keep essential devices and appliances working, all the way to whole-house (or -shop or -farm) installations that are permanently installed. What follows are some of the most notable, from tiny to whole-house.

1000 watts

Polaris P1000i

The Polaris P1000i is light and compact, with two comfortable handles for easy transport. This light-duty model weighs in at under 40 pounds and one tank of gas provides 10 hours’ power at 25 percent load. Plus, it is registers only 54dB at this power level. Need more power? This generator is parallel capable, enabling two units to be connected together for even more output when needed.

Polaris Industries

Bloomington, Minn.


When is a generator not a generator? When it’s a battery!

The enCube from Kohler is a simple and direct way to get power at an instant, and without using any fossil fuels. Charge it up via optional solar panel or household outlet, and the 1800 watt enCube battery discharges through an inverter, silently and evenly. Polaris says it can power a chest freezer for 19 hours, a slow cooker for more than six hours, or an LED light for 53 hours.

2200 watts

Honda EU2200

All-new, Honda’s EU2200i Super Quiet Series generator delivers 10 percent more power than the outgoing model it replaces. Color-coded start up components, easier oil fill, and a new fuel shut off valve make the new Honda EU2200i generator easier to use. Also, it produces more power and maximum output at lower rpms, offering quiet, efficient, low emission, portable power where you need it. The Honda EU2200i arrives at Honda dealers nationwide in early spring, 2018 .

American Honda Motor Co.,

Swepsonville N.C.


3400 watts

Champion 100263

The dual-fuel 100263 Portable Inverter Generator can be operated on either gasoline or propane, and easily switches fuels with a selector dial. On gasoline, it produces 3400 starting watts and 3100 running watts, and runs for 7.5 hours at 25 percent load; propane produces a smidge less power, but it operates more than 14 hours with a 20-pound propane tank. The unit produces 59 dBA from 23 feet away, about the same noise level as normal conversation.

Champion Fulfillment,

Medina, Ohio


6500 watts

Briggs & Stratton

The Q6500’s first letter gives a clue to the operation of this device—it’s quiet! The Q6500 QuietPower Series Inverter Generator is more than 60 percent quieter, 30 percent lighter and 45 percent more compact than standard portable generators, Briggs & Stratton claims. Combining proven capabilities and convenience in the inverter market with enough wattage for total home power restoration, at 25 percent load you can expect up to 14 hours of power generation.

Briggs & Stratton Corporation 

Wauwatosa, Wisc. 


14,000 watts

Kohler 14RESA

This dual-fuel generator—for either LP or natural gas—has enough peak power to start everything up and keep it running until the electric utility can fix their problem. In under 10 seconds, the 14RESC can re-start heavy-duty AC or heating components, as well as power other home appliances. Kohler also makes the 20RESC dual-fuel model for farm-ready 20,000 watts of power.

Kohler Co.

Kohler, Wisc.


22000 watts

Generac Guardian Series

Generac tells us their Guardian Series is the leading standby generator brand on the market. All are engineered and built in the U.S. Available from 8-22 kilowatts, the RhinoCoat powder-coated finish protects against weather, while quietly providing quiet whole-house backup power. Their “G-Flex” variable speed technology matches engine speed to electrical demand.

Generac Power Systems Inc.

Waukesha, Wisc.


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