When The Snow Must Go

When The Snow Must Go
When The Snow Must Go

It seems like snow can fall almost anywhere these days. (Hello, southern Texas?) So when it comes time to clear winter’s indiscretion from your driveway, parking lot (or even helping out the county road department), we all can take a lesson from geographies where snow removal is a frequent winter chore—the Northeast, Upper Midwest, and the Mountain West.

They know how to get the job done, thanks to generations of regular annual snowfall and snow removal behind them.

Yes, there snow blowers and other means of moving snow out of the way, but the bottom line is this: When it really snows, and you have a lot of roadway to clear, you need a snowplow.

Whether it is fitted to your pickup truck, SUV, UTV, or your tractor, moving large quantities of snow is best handled with a plow, putting your vehicle’s horsepower and weight to work for you.

Let’s take a look at some of those more effective, durable, and easy to use.


The HomePlow by Meyer

The HomePlow offers a fast, safe and effective way to move snow. It conveniently attaches to a SUV, light pickup, ATV or UTV with Quick Link, an easy-to-use mounting system that enables the plow to be attached/detached in under a minute, without the use of equipment or tools. HomePlow also features Auto-Angling for right and left movement of the plow with force from the weight of the snow. The full-power mode features hydraulic controls to move the plow up, down, left and right.

Meyer Products






Get more use out of your utility vehicle with the FISHER TRAILBLAZER line of heavy-duty UTV plows. For added versatility, they are now available for use on sub-compact tractors as well. Constructed from high-strength, low-alloy steel components, both the straight blade and V-plow models feature an easy-on/easy-off mounting system and removable receiver brackets for exceptional ground clearance. TRAILBLAZER HD plows also feature Scrape Lock for clean scraping and back dragging.

Fisher Engineering



VMXII plow

Put a powerful V-plow on your ½-ton pick-up truck with the stainless-steel SnowDogg VMXII. Optimized for the light-duty pick-up, the floating A-frame allows the plow to contour the pavement and the built-in chain lift makes for easy snow stacking. The VMXII comes standard with a poly deflector and plow shoes. Buyers Products offers a full lineup of SnowDogg V-plows and straight-blade plows for trucks ½-ton and up.

Buyers Products Company



RDV V-Plow

The SnowEx RDVV-plow, constructed of high-strength, low-alloy steel, has the features and benefits of our larger plows but are specifically designed for half-ton trucks. The RDV V-plow features trip-edge protection, double-acting cylinders and the Automatixx attachment system for fast and easy hookup. Available in powder-coated steel or stainless steel, the plows configure to varying vehicle heights for optimum performance on some of the most popular truck models.

SnowEx, Douglas Dynamics LLC



XT Plow

The BOSS 6'6" XT plow is the right-size solution for clearing driveways and other smaller paths this season. With its heavy-duty cutting edge, powerful efficiency and easy attachment to a UTV, clearing the way has never been simpler. By attaching our Turf Defender accessory, you can shield your landscaping, grass or gravel from damage. Its rounded edge floats above the ground and powerfully moves the snow away without leaving plow lines or scraping any sensitive surfaces.

BOSS Snowplow




PRO PLUS Straight Blade Snowplow

Give winter all you’ve got with the WESTERNPRO PLUS snowplow. Designed to fit a wide range of vehicles, this rugged straight blade is the ultimate tool for the toughest commercial operations. Eight vertical ribs, a heavy-duty quadrant and the exclusive WESTERN POWER BAR provide exceptional torsional strength and rigidity, eliminating blade twisting even under the most brutal conditions. Four heavy-duty coil springs protect your plow and truck by allowing the whole blade to trip when striking obstacles. Dual shock absorbers reduce jarring and soften the blade return when tripping occurs, extending the life of your truck and plow.

Western Plows, Douglas Dynamics LLC


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