10 Ideas to Simplify Holiday Gift-Giving

10 Ideas to Simplify Holiday Gift-Giving
10 Ideas to Simplify Holiday Gift-Giving

1 – Listen

Not sure what to get someone? Listen carefully and you might hear her say she loves the smell of lavender or that he loves a really sharp knife when preparing meals. Save that knowledge and surprise your loved one with the perfect gift.

2 – For homemade gifts, do a trial run first

Making gifts this holiday season? Good for you! Do a trial run just in case the first attempt doesn’t go well. Making candles or soap, baking a pie or creating a succulent garden—all are lovely ideas, but practice makes perfect.

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3 – Shop on line early!

Trouble with supply chains, under-staffed carriers, and a busy holiday season could lead to shipping delays.

4 – Save money and time

Buy gifts at Lehmans.com but have them shipped directly to the recipient.

5 – Plan ahead

When buying hand-crafted items, don’t wait until the last minute as supplies may be limited.

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6 – Can’t decide what to get?

We’ve curated a wide selection of quality gifts for all ages to simplify your holiday shopping.

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7 – Make a list and a budget

Write down all the special people and the wonderful gifts you are going to buy them. Set a “not to exceed” dollar amount and stick to it!

8 – Consider an activity for your loved one instead of a gift

How about taking a class together, shopping for and preparing a nice meal, baking and decorating cookies, or attending a concert or a show?

9 – Let the pros help you pick!

Check out best sellers and top-reviewed products to find the most popular and well-loved gifts.

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10 – Consider gifts that donate back to a cause

We offer some of these great products online, like Lifestraw.

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10 Ideas to Simplify Holiday Gift-Giving
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10 Ideas to Simplify Holiday Gift-Giving

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