Is Franchising the Answer?

Is Franchising the Answer?
Is Franchising the Answer?

How can you bring in more money to support your valuable acreage lifestyle, but without having to give up the freedom that lifestyle offers?

The answer may lie in acquiring a franchise.

They are familiar and all around: Taco Bell, Popeyes, Jersey Mike’s, even McDonalds are all successful food franchises; most recognizable travel hotels are franchises, too. But there are many under-the-radar franchises like Gotcha Covered (window treatments), StretchLab (assisted stretching), and Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming (pet stores) that haven’t yet made it big-time.

What they have in common is that someone else came up with an idea, refined that idea into a successful business model, and then offered their hard work for a fee as a franchise.

Franchising—is it right for you?

Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur? Do you have a passion for a certain business, industry, or lifestyle? Do you have certain abilities or knowledge you can bring to the business? These are all questions to have firm answers to.

Add to that a desire to keep your rural lifestyle intact with an outside investment, it may pay to look for a franchise that capitalizes on small-town, outdoor-type work.

Smaller acreage landowners and home-based businesses are looking for innovative, uncomplicated opportunities to create revenue on the land they own.

Meet Boulder Designs

This Waco, Texas-based company has seen tremendous growth in rural U.S. and Canada since it was acquired by Butch Mogavero in 2016.

“Small businesses are the heartbeat of America,” says Mogavero. “The Boulder Designs system allows franchisees to offer a custom crafted, earth-friendly, attractive ways to turn a simple ‘welcome’ sign into something memorable,” says Mogavero.

Potential customers are everywhere: Business signage, church signage, schools, home address rocks and markers, realtors, developers, parks, municipalities, pet memorials, headstones, cemeteries, wholesalers, retailers.

These are all part of the fabric of rural communities, and the main thrust of Boulder Designs business.

Now operating with more than 100 franchise locations throughout the U.S., plus an additional six in Canada, “We are concentrating  franchise development throughout the U.S. where territory is still available as well as in Canada which is pretty wide open,” Mogavero says.

Q&A with Butch Mogavero

Tell us about the Boulder Designs franchise. Is it difficult to work with?

Not at all. Boulder Designs is a non-complicated franchise system that has a low cost of entry and minimal inventory requirements. Our products are an earth-friendly alternative to typical signage that can turn any business, park, memorial, or subdivision into a landmark—as a natural part of landscaping, they are often allowed by zoning regulations where other signage is not.

We train every franchisee in our simple system to build our products at your location. Boulder Designs products are natural-looking and cost effective for site markers, signage for addresses, businesses, parks, schools, recreation facilities, headstones for people and animals, and memorials.

With Boulder Designs, your existing business can add to your product line and your bottom line.

Is this a new company? Is it recognized?

Franchised in 2008, Boulder Designs and its products have received numerous accolades.

Boulder Designs has been recognized by Military Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, and others.

What do you get with a Boulder Designs franchise?

Training and support: You will complete our comprehensive one-week training course at our corporate facility in Waco, Texas. Using our simple system, you will be able to create any size boulder up to 5,000 pounds in weight utilizing the Boulder Designs proprietary equipment and materials package.

Importantly, our training and support never ends, with updates and refresher courses and new techniques whenever and as often as you need.

Equipment and tools: You will receive our complete line of equipment which gives you the freedom to own your own business without taking on the hassles of employees or payroll. Everything is supplied to make all Boulder Designs products.

An uncomplicated franchise with the benefits of a system that works together: You become part of a national team that shares ideas and creates new marketing venues that are proven to work in the real world.

Work at your leisure or in harmony with your other business: Boulder Designs’ low initial investment allows you to pre-plan and build your new business at your own pace.

To find out more about a Boulder Designs franchise, call 877-892-2954 or visit

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